Does your telephone operator have a problem of handling multiple customer calls?

Install Call PRO
The most cost effective Auto Attendant for all your call handling needs.

The Call PRO is an automated receptionist, which answers multiple calls from your customers with a professional greeting every time and lets the customer reach the desired extension or department easily. Call PRO frees your operator from attending to only phone calls and allows them to do more intelligent jobs.

The Call PRO works 24-hours a day, 7 days a week! It does not ask for holidays or an increase in pay year after year!

The Call PRO has a built-in auto fax router, which can automatically route Fax calls to the Fax machines connected to any extension. It has a built-in Real time clock for automatic changeover between Day, Night, Holiday modes of operation. Supports up to two languages (Default languages: English & Hindi) and is programmable remotely with voice verification of all program parameters.

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