Voice Mail :

Fact: Your Company handles hundreds of revenue generating phone calls everyday.


Is your customer’s call handled properly? Are your Executives frustrated because of incomplete, improper or lost messages? Would your customers be happy leaving confidential messages directly to you rather than to your telephone operator? What does it cost you in terms of abandoned calls? Lost customers? Lost business?

Voice PRO
is the perfect solution for all the above questions and which can dramatically improve your call handling and lets you stay in touch with your customers whether you are making another phone call, in a meeting, or away from your desk. 

The Voice PRO is a PC based Voice Mail System which can grow from 4 ports to 24 ports. Voice PRO answers all incoming calls professionally, and in the event the called party is unavailable the caller can leave his message confidentially. The message thus stored can also be forwarded on to the called party’s email box. 

The Voice PRO Lite is a stand alone voice mail system designed for the Small Businesses. Voice PRO Lite is available in 2 Ports 64 Mailbox and 4 Ports 128 Mail Box Versions. Click on the link below for the product brochures

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